Podcasting for Entrepreneurs with Anna Parker-Naples

By Anna Parker-Naples
Podcasting for Entrepreneurs is for Business Owners, Experts, Speakers & Authors who know they want to accelerate their results and drive more profit by making the most of the incredible, influential podcasting platform. You're ready to learn how to become an audio influencer - through both podcast guest appearances and starting, growing and making money from your own podcast.
Hosted by Anna Parker-Naples, multi award winning Hollywood audio producer, author of 'Podcast with Impact' and 'Get Visible', and host of Top 1% Global podcast Entrepreneurs Get Visible, Anna has helped to launch over 300 podcasts since Jan 2020 with her work in The Podcast Agency (www.thepodcastagency.com) and The Podcast Membership (www.thepodcastmembership.com/join). She'll share what works, what doesn't and how to ensure you create and grow your influence so that your efforts in podcasting bring in clients and establish you as the authority in your field. This podcast is the one to listen to if you're ready to become an Audiopreneur. You'll learn exactly what it takes to use podcasting for marketing, sales, PR and lead generation.

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