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Episode notes

Discussing race used to be something that sports organisations avoided at all costs but thankfully in recent years things have moved on a little, even if the conversation is far from finished.

For the latest Playbook Podcast, Matt Rogan welcomes Sonny Peart, co-founder of Black Trail Runners, on to the show to look at the relationship between sport and race.

Peart explains how his charity took a data-informed approach to responsibly demonstrate the problem and quickly break down any bias in the running community - while explaining how this method can be applied more broadly.

The conversation also covers why it is important to avoid the ‘low cost and easy’ approach to creating awareness around implicit and explicit racial prejudice in the sports industry - and how to prioritise action and impact to create genuine change.

Finally, Peart outlines how senior leaders can champion change by educating themselves and others, placing critical emphasis on the importance of business leaders taking personal accountability for making this happen.

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