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Angelica Richie — Every Voice is Worthy of Being Heard

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Shining Light has been working with correctional facilities for over 20 years, creating opportunities for artistic expression in prisons across the US and giving incarcerated men and women new ways to find their voices and have them heard.

Angelica and her colleagues usually do in person workshops with inmates, helping them create presentations that they then showcase to peers in their facility. The COVID 19 pandemic forced prisons to limit access to visitors and the regular workshops had to be cancelled, but Shining Light devised a way to continue to serve their artists and alumni on the inside and create a piece that they are able to share with the public for the first time.

Creations of a Caged Bird is the hour long presentation featuring work written and devised by inmates that has been performed and produced by artists like Angelica. It’s available on youtube and I’ve shared the link in the show notes. Creations of a Caged Bird is powerful and very moving and I wanted to learn more about it.


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