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Bec has been working as a professional communicator for 20 years. She established her PR credentials at Universal Music Australia, before founding the  PR, corporate communications and crisis management agency The Comms Department, where she and her team work with some of Australia’s biggest and best-known media, entertainment, travel and lifestyle brands. Before training to become a PR professional, Bec had a successful career as a vocalist and vocal coach, and even before that, she was a great friend to my family and me.

Our careers took us off in different directions and we haven’t been in touch for a few years, this conversation is the first we’d shared in ages. I’m thrilled to see how Bec's career has flourished and I’m grateful for the knowledge and insight she shares from her own experience working with artists and brands known across Australia and throughout the world.

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You've Got This: The essential career handbook for creative women

Links and Show Notes from this episode:

  • Delivering on what you’re promising
  • How to be more PR-able
  • The power of consistency
  • Ways to build trust with your audience
  • Tips for dealing with a crisis from someone who does it for a living
  • “If you’re feeling nervous, be of service.”

Part author proceeds from "You’ve Got This" are donated to these two charities that support women:Life Changing ExperiencesFitted For Work

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