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Shannon McLinden: Rescuing Complexions & Animals in Need with FarmHouse Fresh

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FarmHouse Fresh is a brand cherished by millions: from Hollywood stars to the world's best estheticians and makeup artists, top-tier hotel spas, and millions of customers around the globe. But it's more than skincare; it's a testament to the beauty and power of nature, the celebration of life, and, above all, rescuing animals in need. Shannon McLinden founded FarmHouse Fresh 19 years ago with a single product that made its way directly into Oprah's magazine, and her brand story has grown stronger every single year. Now headquartered on their own ranch in Texas, FarmHouse Fresh has the space to grow its own potent plants with just-harvested botanicals bursting with nutrition for your skin. The ranch also serves as a haven for the animals that they have rescued over the years.

Today, Shannon shifts the language of skincare and beauty transformation while maintaining a strong focus on natural, safe, organic products developed in a cruelty-free, farm-friendly environment.

Listen to Shannon's incredible story of adventure, curiosity, passion, and care as she navigates the worlds of beauty, brand building, and animal rescue, recorded from her hilltop ranch in McKinney, Texas.

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