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Patti Brown: Enabling Business With Education

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Patti Brown, Senior Executive Director of Academic Affairs & Program Delivery of MBA Programs at HEC, one of the leading business school in Europe, anchors on the significance of learning and listening to the business systems in luxury. As the chair of the education board, Patti understands the impending curves of luxury to familiarise her students to find their dreams in the domain of luxury. Elevating the role of education in learning business, Patti augments the essence of academia, experience building and ever-morphing ethos of luxury via partnerships across the globe, including Yale University, and by bringing game changers of fashion to the campus. Through the converging lines of culture and entertainment, Patti continues to push the boundaries of learning with real time courses from insiders to teach and share their emblematic experiences in their corporate course.

With former HEC graduate and our founder, Ashley McDonnell, Patti Brown answers questions of tomorrow and tells a story of education, entertainment and luxury to get inside the mechanism of business, beyond the textbooks.

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