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Nikita Mehta: Cultivating Power and Purpose in Haircare

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Ayurveda's alternative perspective on beauty propels the spiritual path of wellness for the creative and conscious beauty entrepreneur, Nikita Mehta. From studying languages to completing a Computer Science and Business degree, Nikita's trajectory to beauty and haircare collided with many turns, reflection, and learnings from eight years of working at pioneering houses of fine fragrance: from Patou to PUIG. These experiences resonate with her today, adding to the conscious understanding of the luxury rhythm, amidst the noise in a saturated world of beauty. Nikita knows exactly who she is, and knows who she wants to be: 'You don't need to be masculine; you can be feminine and lead.'

Nikita, as the creative head of Fable and Mane, coined the name from her childhood nostalgia of "storytime with haircare." Since its launch in 2020, Nikita's mission with Fable and Mane has been to captivate consumers with the meaningful persona of the brand, rooted in her intuition as the cornerstone of her significant success. This journey is akin to the story of Ayurveda, aligning with one's inner peace.

By modernizing Indian ingredients in Western parlance, Nikita Mehta's story of leadership and creativity is captivating and impactful in the shifting digital and luxury worlds. With Tech-Powered Luxury, Nikita leans in on her learnings, her catapulting views on branding, and how she evolves as the 'guardian of the brand.'

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