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Thuy-Anh Nguyen: The Luxury Marketing Maestro

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Thuy-Anh Nguyen’s journey gets bigger and better. At the redolent of times of culture and conversations, Thuy's rich corporate experiences and her learning at business school empowered her journey. From the pharmaceuticals world to the world of luxury goods, Thuy leads a league of her own.

Before the worlds of culture and luxury had collided on Instagram, Thuy was blending fashion, music and sport for global luxury brands and embracing the power of branding and entertainment, leading to the first partnership with the NFL Superbowl for Hennessy USA.

After a 15+ years in luxury marketing, Thuy started her own company, ECG Marketing. Cardinally, ECG builds community, breaks through the expectations and delivers remarkable impact on the community, the brand and targeted goals. Besides being a marketing pioneer, Thuy supports the beginnings of careers within the Asian American Collective, extending her hand to younger Asian Americans who envision a similar career in luxury and fashion. 

Tech Powered Luxury is graced by her candor and in this episode, as Thuy discusses her journey from Boston to Los Angeles and Paris, leaving behind an inspirational imprint for young Asian Americans.

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