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Laurent Piffaut: A Luxury Veteran, from Chanel and Dior to McQueen and Prada - How can Dweet Match Talent with Opportunity?

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From initially studying finance to pivoting to luxury fashion, Laurent Piffaut - Co-Founder and Co-CEO of luxury careers platform Dweet - has embraced the power of AI to empower a global network of luxury experts looking to match talent with opportunity. Laurent established himself as a leader within luxury, starting with a foundation in finance, entering L'Oreal Group as a Financial Controller before joining Chanel for almost 10 years, climbing the ladder internationally and reaching the position of Fashion Director of the Middle East & India.

Laurent's commitment to developing his soft skills as a leader in luxury were successful, as he joined Dior in 2015 as General Manager for Central Europe, followed by Director roles at Alexander McQueen and Prada.

Today, as a tech platform Co-Founder and CEO, Laurent has set himself a new challenge: scaling and connecting. Throughout his years within retail and brand managementm, Laurent noticed incredible opportunities in-house which brands struggled to find the talent for, as well as highly-skilled and motivated people who could not find the right opportunities. Through the Dweet platform, Laurent's goal is to streamline this process within the luxury industry, simplifying and speeding up the process by which brands and talents can be matched for short, medium and long term collaborations.

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