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Niamh O'Donoghue: Trailblazing from British Vogue to Victoria Beckham and Beyond

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Journalist and fashion-tech thought leader Niamh O’Donoghue has been navigating between the realms of offline and online luxury fashion for the last decade. From her role as the acting social media editor at British Vogue, to her involvement with the fashion styling app Drest, and now in her current position as Head of Editorial and Social for the one and only Victoria Beckham - I’m asking Niamh about everything, from career tips to skill development, and how she’s carved out a path that balances business and digital creativity within the worlds of fashion and media.

I’ve been following Niamh’s career from afar for many years and have been in awe of the roles she's taken on. Niamh shares a lot of behind-the-scenes moments from her life on Instagram with her killer style and wit, so I’m really looking forward to interviewing her in-depth about how she manages it all and how she’s developed a 360-degree understanding of the world of fashion.

From studying journalism to becoming a content creator, styling and photographing shoots, to exploring Web3 and metaverse fashion, even working at the pinnacle of the fashion publication world during her time as the acting social media editor at British Vogue, and now, based in London, Niamh is collaborating with the absolute icon Victoria Beckham as the head of editorial and social for her fashion house.

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