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A Testament to Luxury, Fashion & Knowledge: Danilo Venturi

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Danilo Venturi carved his way to fashion, from music. Known for his transformational vision in education at Polimoda, as the director, Danilo also has a storied past of working in music, at La Perla and now also at Instituto Europe De Design. Danilo’s ten year background in fashion was a sequence of transitions between music, retail, studying political science and literature before he finally orchestrated multi disciplinary courses of fashion management. Danilo tailored fashion education from the universe of music to crystallize his results in the realm of fashion management and business for his course at Polimoda. Today, being at the powerful chair of Italy's educational infrastructure at Polimoda, in the city of renaissance, Florence, Danilo commemorates his lifelong love for luxury as an eternal student of knowledge and as the author of books including 'Brand Persona' and 'Momenting the Memento'.

Ashley meets Danilo for a reminiscing conversation about the imploring educational ground of luxury, the new frontier of exclusivity and fashion being at the cusp of sustainability by imparting a panoramic view of the colliding worlds of fashion, education and technology.

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