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Cameron James Wilson: Unfolding Virtual Identities & Reprising The Role of Beauty With AI

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Episode notes

Tech Powered Luxury S2 strikes today. Lifting the lid on more digital disruptions dividing the fashion and tech industry, our S2 E1 with Cameron-James Wilson paves the path for more AI in fashion. Cameron James launched the world's first digital modeling agency. Since 2017, it has been an unquiet uproar on the internet. With the evaporating lines of digital and reality, The Diigitals by Cameron James brings the age of unbound space of future of luxury, furnished with 3D digital models. With more than 200k followers, fashion's virtual muse Shudu has augmented sales of Fenty Beauty being all over the internet for her immaculate skin, beguiling the grounds of Instagram. The Diigitals by Cameron mixes the virtual verticals with 3D fashion modeling, uprooting the limitations of fashion and culture to only be replaced with the force of digital expansion.

Previously a photographer and proceeding to creating a 3D modeling agency arising from the interests of sci-fi movies, Cameron expresses his own views of beauty with The Diigitals.

With Ashley, Cameron expresses his unfazed ideas about digital reprogramming in fashion and an unrestrained dialogue on digital discourse, yet to be explored in fashion.

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