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Matthew Drinkwater: Redefining Fashion Through Digital Disruption

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A rebrand to the face of fashion, Matthew Drinkwater's digital disruption enforces exhibition of an array of new in the digital landscape: from retail to fashion and technology. A digital vanguard, Matthew started ten years back at London College of Fashion, at the Digital Innovation Lab. From rearranging 3D assets and augmented reality, to manufacturing immersive experiences, Matthew has established a virtual universe for digital designers and experiences to nurture and flourish in fashion, morphed by technology. As the digital metamorphosis of fashion has taken a seismic shift, Matthew continues to usher more possibilities within the realm of fashion. With unforgettable experiences alongside technology, digital renders and the stimulating arc of more generative AI, Mathew Drinkwater fundamentally plugs in the next changes in the digital lounge of fashion.

With Ashley McDonnell, Matthew takes a deep dive in this vast spectrum of digital reckoning, with fashion as the catalyst to

the pathway of changes and hopes to see how the metaverse dreams unfold.

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