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Paboy Bojang: Surviving the World’s Deadliest Migration Route & Creating In Casa by Paboy

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From the realm of fear to the trenches of economic hardship, and amidst the fragile walls of immigration, Paboy Bojang unfurls his kaleidoscopic dreams and cheerful visions within his designs. Born in Gambia, Paboy embarked on his journey into the art of tailoring at the tender age of 13, under the guidance of his uncle in their atelier. Faced with limited resources, Paboy made the difficult choice to compromise his formal schooling to become the primary provider for his family.

From his eyes in the countryside of Gambia, Paboy developed a discerning eye for colors. While living with his grandmother, he honed his skills in sewing as he saw people dressed in brightly colored scarves and dresses. Intrigued and hopeful, his inspirations combine the spirit of Gambia, alongside living in his studio in Naples. In 2020, the brand started on Instagram and only moves forward. The colour combinations in Casa's creations are unexpected; from technicolor dreams, Paboy's story is rooted in the ruins of the tyranny of Gambia to the joys of pushing the envelope of passion.

In today's episode of Tech-Powered Luxury, host Ashley McDonnell takes us through the excruciating pains of starting in Gambia, changing cities, and beginning from nowhere to the exhilarating joys of creating one's course of success at In Casa By Paboy Bojang, with the support of the internet, self-belief, and craftsmanship.

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