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Gra Chocolates: A Sweet Taste of Luxury & Nuanced Exclusivity

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Episode notes

In the ultimate episode of Tech Powered Luxury, we are joined by the Galway glory: Gráinne Mullins.

Indulging in her love for food and assorted sweet concoctions, Gráinne pursude her love for food early. She was drawn into the wonders of the culinary world by 'feeling and doing' things, inherently absorbing her ingenious sensibility for the 'sweet tooth'. Imbued by charms of gourmet, Gráinne took a course in science to explore finer details of ingredients and at the same time worked in five-star restaurants to continue her passion for patisserie. This took a confrontational turn when she commenced her career working at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Aix-en-Provence, France, bringing back to Ireland the decadents of french crème de la crème. Gráinne launched her own chocolate brand online in 2020 under the eponymous name of 'Gra chocolates', innately pinning her loyalty for innovation in sweet world. 'Gra' ,Gráinne's nickname is directly adopted from the Irish lexical, that translates to 'love' in English.

Today, Gráinne Mullins is one of the most celebrated chefs in Ireland as the founder of hand-painted chocolates, serving unforgettable taste of luxury and an indelible experience in the world of food, only making one longing to come back for more.

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