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Haneen Al Saify: Taking the Lead in Modest Luxury Fashion, Social Media in the Middle East and Female Entrepreneurship

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From being a custodian of beauty for Qatari women, to front lining in business, Haneen Al Saify is a visionary trailblazer who has redefined the codes of modest fashion and built a thriving business empire. As a leading influencer in the world of luxury fashion, Haneen has brought unparalleled representation for Arab women onto the global stage, partnering with luxury brands to cater to clients in the Middle East with bespoke offerings.

With her background in chemical engineering and love for beauty, Haneen created one of the first magnetic eyelash brands to be sold in Qatar, and her ascent in the beauty industry led her to develop a curated assortment of products that catered to the niche needs of Qatari women. During her inspiring conversation with Ashley, Haneen reflects on her journey, sharing business pivots that helped her learn about the market, and the pieces of her own story that have made her one of the biggest names in beauty in Arabia.

Tune in to discover Haneen's creative aptitude in reframing lifestyle choices for women in the Middle East and how she has leveraged social media to navigate the digital landscape of the region and beyond

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