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13: Healing our mother wound and ancestral lineage

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Episode notes

“If I couldn't fail and I was living without this limiting belief, what would life look like?”
Could your procrastination and anxiety be caused by ancestral trauma? Kate's guest this week is Heather Sharples, a spiritual coach who helps mothers to break the cycle of inherited beliefs.

Hear Kate and Heather discuss how ancestral trauma can manifest as depression, anxiety, self-sabotage and generally "playing small". And learn how you can move beyond limiting beliefs.

The pair also delve into the huge topic of the mother wound, honouring the strength our mothers gave us and Heather gives practical modes of inner work that can allow you to heal the mother wound for your own children and family.

Heather and Kate also talk about:

→Collective mother wound - patriarchal beliefs that have been passed on
→Planetary mother wound - what is happening across the world as women
→Personal mother wound - generation to generation of self-sabotage or feelings of not feeling enough or worth enough
→ Suppressed inherited trauma being passed on over seven generations, the notion of epigenetics
→ Fear of abandonment and rejection, with this leading to abandoning our authentic selves
→ People pleasing 
→ Breaking cycles of self-sabotage and the power that gives the next generation
→ Healing by resting
→Judging ourselves and how our children watch us all the time
→ Can we choose to see what strengths we have inherited from our mothers?
→ Where are our needs not being met?
→ How to allow our frustration to rise to show us where we need to change
→ How can we delegate to free ourselves from the pressure?
→ Are you a martyr to motherhood, full of resentment?
→ How the need for ancestral healing can be masked as depression and anxiety
→ How the notion of life 'happening to us' needs to be flipped 
→ How internalised trauma can manifest in physical illness and by healing our ancestral pain
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