The Ambitious Mum Podcast

By Kate Moryoussef
Are you a mother yet you still don't feel completely fulfilled with life?
Do you have ambitions that you know are waiting to be discovered but need more guidance and support to get there?
Perhaps you're ready for a change but not quite sure what?
Is your inner voice yearning for wisdom and advice from other people who have walked in your shoes?

If so, you're in the right place. Kate Moryoussef, Wellbeing and Emotional Freedom coach and mother to four children, hosts The Ambitious Mum podcast talking to different women about how ambition and motherhood change and evolve during the many stages of our lives.

The conversations offer honest, compassionate, vulnerable, authentic and supportive life, career, spirituality, wellbeing and parenting wisdom and insights - as well as challenge the unspoken realities women face - into the expectations and pressures of balancing the demands of leaning into our ambitions and being the mothers we aspire to be.

Each guest will offer their perspective about how their own evolving ambitions have impacted their lives and what they continue to learn during this process.

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