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11: Recognising those universal nudges which guide you to your purpose

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Episode notes

"I felt like women had settled and I just wanted to say - you can redefine your life. You can come back to your dream."

In this wonderful episode of The Ambitious Mum Podcast, Kate is joined by author, speaker and founder of "Meant For More", Stephanie Hendrick.

During this conversation, listen to Kate and Stephanie discuss how children model parents' behaviour and how our attitude and actions around our own dreams impact them as they grow up. They both talk honestly about the process of realising ambition and addressing the fear around the word "purpose".

Stephanie tells us how she sensed the small universal nudges for several years that she wasn't living out her dreams and then, the final and clear nudge came from a conversation with her daughter on the way to school. Despite knowing she had more to offer, Stephanie then realised that time seems to speed up even more with kids and she wanted to fulfil her dreams before it was too late.

During this chat, we touch on:
▶️ Navigating everyone questioning her as she decided to walk away from her successful business
▶️ How purpose and passion can look so different to everyone
▶️ Very often at the beginning clarity isn't there
▶️ She advises to just take the first step, start small
▶️ Lean into the passion that's fuelling your creativity
▶️ Take small actionable steps to help inspire and have practical implementable goals
▶️ How a simple blog then turned into her book.
▶️ All she focussed on was serving ambitious women and mothers who believed there was more to their lives
▶️ Building a business on your own can be hard while navigating self-doubt, self-belief, being knocked back
▶️ Breaking down passion and purpose and all the nuances that come with these 'big' words
▶️ Exploring what are we good at/ what are we passionate about
▶️ Fear of failure and fear of judgement when changing direction. Yet the perceived failures only encourage resilience
▶️ Leaning into the uncertainty 

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"Meant For More" book

Kate Moryoussef is a Wellbeing/EFT coach and mum to four children, also newly diagnosed with ADHD (an explanation and NOT a label she's keen to point out!) who is passionate about helping women rediscover their inner voice, tap into their expansive potential, fulfil their desires and realise themselves outside of the overwhelm, inner pressure and family dynamic.
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