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12: Aligning with your heart over your head

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Episode notes

This week's episode is a special one as Kate chats to her good friend and former boss, Suzy Glaskie.  After knowing each other for 16 years, this conversation is all about their shared experience of starting afresh when your previous career doesn't align with your heart anymore.

Despite her lifelong interest in holistic practices, after graduating from university Suzy became sidetracked from this with a long career in PR, which on the surface went from strength to strength. After having her children, Suzy even started her own PR company, alongside her husband, which grew rapidly and successfully yet when she looked around the office she knew this wasn't what she wanted forever.

This is where Suzy's holistic awakening took shape and after doing a reiki session with her very poorly father, she hit a turning point where she decided to leave her business - the very next day. 

Kate and Suzy's talk about her long-time interest in wellbeing which then led her to retrain as a functional medicine lifestyle coach and launch her business, Peppermint Wellness, where she is now helping people from all walks of life in preventive health and emotional wellness.

Together Suzy and Kate talk about:

  • How health coaching is all about connection, gentle steps and hand-holding
  • The power of a daily gratitude practice
  • Creating a journal practice and using the writing to solidify our gratitude and desires
  • The importance of incorporating lifestyle prevention and wellness into our daily lives
  • The beauty of spending time in nature, however that looks like to you
  • Feeling misaligned with work and using this knowledge to leverage a new chapter in your life
  • Subtly imparting health knowledge and wisdom to children without turning them away.

To find out more about Peppermint Wellness, Suzy's work and her Wellness Unwrapped Podcast, follow the links below:

Kate Moryoussef is a Wellbeing/EFT coach and mum to four children, also newly diagnosed with ADHD (an explanation and NOT a label she's keen to point out!) who is passionate about helping women rediscover their inner voice, tap into their expansive potential, improve their wellbeing, fulfil their desires and realise themselves outside of the overwhelm, inner pressure and family dynamic.
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