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17: How our inner beliefs can either propel or hold us back

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Episode notes

Getting curious about your own inner beliefs and what you think to be "true" about yourself.

Joining Kate today is Shelley Bosworth, an ex-corporate, straight-talking, women’s mindset coach. 

After turning 40, experiencing a health scare and personal loss, Shelley decided that she wanted ‘more’ and set about changing her path. She now helps ambitious female business owners take back control of their life and break free of their self-limiting beliefs to step into the ‘more’ they have always dreamt of.

During this episode, hear Shelly and Kate discuss limiting beliefs, how they could be holding you back and the different ways they show up. They also discuss normalising and sharing how you really feel about your inner beliefs and how it's attached to your self-worth - Shelley reminds us that we have full control over our own beliefs and thoughts.
Also hear about DiSC profiling, what this test is and how it can really benefit not just your relationship with yourself, but those closest to you and even your working relationships

Connect with Shelley via her Website, Instagram and her Facebook Group for women.
Kate Moryoussef is a Wellbeing/EFT coach and mum to four children, also newly diagnosed with ADHD (an explanation and NOT a label she's keen to point out!) who is passionate about helping women to improve their emotional and physical wellbeing, rediscover their inner voice and spirituality, tap into their expansive potential, fulfil their desires and realise themselves outside of the overwhelm, inner pressure and family dynamic.

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