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EP132: Approaching And Dating More Women in 2022 Featuring Kimberly Hill

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Episode notes

Are you struggling to find the woman of your dreams?


Are you wrestled by the fear of commitment and opening up to someone else?


This is the perfect episode for you. Join me as I speak to Kimberly Hill, a Men’s Dating & Relationship coach. She talks about how and where to meet women, understand the psychology of women when you approach them and ultimately, how to build and maintain a fruitful relationship with a potential partner. She also elaborates on the stereotype of the “nice guy” and the ‘bad boy’, their struggles in the relationship world and how to overcome these difficulties and find success in the dating world. 


Key topics include:


💘 Journey to becoming a relationship coach

💘 Why men don’t talk about themselves with people

💘 Do ‘bad boys’ seek relationship help

💘 How to overcome the fear of commitment

💘 How to meet more women

💘 Openness to the world

💘 Speaking to women

💘 What is dating

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