The Authentic Man Podcast with David Chambers

By David Chambers
The Authentic Man Podcast with David Chambers (formerly known as the Authentic Dating Series) is a podcast for men who want more & less from life - more deep connection, more emotional intelligence, more self-awareness and more great sex.

And less, less heartache, less conflict, less overthinking and less stress.

Creating dating lives, sex lives and relationships that are incredible and authentic! 

And will give women a deeper understanding of men, their issue and how to connect more deeply with them.

The Authentic Man Podcast features experts, coaches, and best selling authors from all over the globe sharing their wisdom in the areas of dating, intimacy, healthy masculinity, relationships and more!

David is a Men’s Dating & Intimacy Coach. Who empowers men to create authentic attraction, build deep connections, embody healthy masculinity and connected sexual intimacy. By helping them build self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self-leadership. Guiding men to do the deep inner work in dating and intimacy

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