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EP127: Sexual Transmutation, Mindful Masturbation & Developing a profound Connection To Yourself with Tyson Adams

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Episode notes

Do you struggle to feel connected to your partner when making love or even have difficulties achieving full orgasm?Do you face some difficulty with getting an erection or prolonging ejaculation during sex?


Does sex to you feel like a task to tick off your to-do list and move on to the next thing?

We live in a society where men consider talking about sexual weakness a taboo. So many men walk around not feeling sexually fulfilled and are unable to open up about these issues to anyone around them out of fear of being shamed. 


In this episode with Tyson Adams, a sex coach and sexual transmutation expert, we delve deep into the science of masturbation, sexual energy and how to experience complete connection with your partner during sexual activity. Join us and learn about the techniques involved in achieving a deeply connected sexual experience. The key topics include;💋How he started this work

💋Health benefits of these practices

💋How to unlock your energies

💋Conscious masturbation practices

💋Self-care amongst men

💋Enjoying sensual stimulation

💋Sexual shadow-work

💋Having a deep connection with yourself

💋Importance of sound in sex and intimacy

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