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EP129: How to change your relationship & disordered eating with food featuring Calum Stronach

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Episode notes

Do you constantly obsess over what to eat or not to eat?

Do you use food as a coping mechanism when you are unhappy, upset or sad?Are you aware of the advantages and infinite possibilities of mindful eating?

Join us on this episode with Calum Stronach, a registered nutritionist specialising in elite sports nutrition and disordered eating. He explains both the physiology and psychology behind our diet choices, food binging and how we can fully enjoy the process of eating. We also talk about the impact of meditation and self-awareness on controlling your desire to eat and your overall relationship with food.The key topics include; 


😋Journey to becoming a nutritionist

😋Emotional attachment to food

😋Difference between eating disorders and disordered eating

😋Increased obsession with what we eat and gym culture

😋Feeling safe with your choice of diet

😋Using food as a distraction

😋Is sugar good for you?

😋Using meditation to help with food disorders

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