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EP128: How To Attractive Your Match With Your Dating App & Online Dating Photos with Saskia Nelson

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Episode notes

You are struggling to get matches using online dating and dating apps?


Are you unsure of the type of photos that catch people's eyes?


Are you an old-school man or woman who is struggling to navigate the online dating scene of today and struggling to find a connection with your to-be soul mate?


Did you know that over 80% of matches are due to photos alone?

Join us on this episode with Saskia Nelson, an online dating photographer and a true connoisseur in the online dating scene, as she breaks down how to build a profile, tell a story through images and ultimately find your soul mate.The key topics include:

🖼Evolution of online dating and dating apps

🖼Importance of photos

🖼Things to avoid with online photos

🖼How to send a message with a photo

🖼Being inauthentic online

🖼Topless photos for men; a bad idea or a good idea

🖼Odd photo requests

🖼Expressing yourself in your photos

🖼Future of dating profile photography

🖼Metaverse dating 


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