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EP131: Overcoming addiction, pain and how to use curiosity to find healing and happiness featuring Josh Connolly

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Episode notes

Have you ever struggled with addiction? 


Are you using your phone, alcohol, drugs or food to numb out and avoid feeling uncomfortable emotions?


Join us on this episode with Resilience coach, Josh Connolly, as we dissect the influence of society and culture on our thought process, the importance of empathising with people around us, the negative effects and dangers of addiction and how our emotions are being medicalized. We also delve into finding healing, escape versus curiosity and the power of curiosity and ultimately how to leave a happy life with an open mind and heart.  

Key topics include;


😃 Being right all the time

😃 Living in a polarised world

😃 How society and culture condition us

😃 How to empathise deeply

😃 Media addiction

😃 Journey to resilience coaching

😃 Why we get addicted

😃 Western medicine and the illusion of healing

😃 Alcoholics anonymous and sex addiction programs

😃 Importance of curiosity in finding escape


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