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EP130: Integrating Psychotherapy and Breathwork to find Purpose and express healthy Anger featuring Matt Gunn

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Episode notes

How can psychotherapy and breathwork be brought together to create powerful healing?


Join us in this episode with Matt Gunn, psychotherapist and trauma release breathwork practitioner, as he talks about his journey through psychotherapy and shares with us incredible insights on how to heal from experiences of the past, use the emotion of anger to your advantage, seek connection with our partners, family and friends and ultimately being comfortable with your most authentic self in spite of what the world thinks. Key topics discussed include;

🫁 The effect of being seen

🫁How to find purpose

🫁Transpiration psychotherapy

🫁How to process pain

🫁The power of breathwork and embodiment 

🫁Overthinking and letting go

🫁Building confidence and self-trust

🫁Mind against body’s desires

🫁Differentiating anger and aggression

🫁Positive impacts of psychotherapy


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