The Bunker List

By Podcasts West and Podcasting Hub Australia

Welcome to The Bunker List.

The Bunker List is a new topical podcast, where each week our guests open up about their favourite things.

Imagine that you have to be evacuated into an emergency bunker for an extended period of time, what would you take with you and why?

This bunker is well equipped. The bunker has off-grid water and electricity and is well stocked with food and water rations to last you 2 years. In addition, it has an aquaponic garden for fresh fish, fruit and vegetables. All medicine and toiletries are well-stocked. It has a gym to keep you physically fit, a large rumpus room to keep you entertained, and a battery-powered radio to listen out for emergency broadcasts. All immediate family members and pets will be joining you inside the bunker.

What we would like to know is: which 5 luxury items would you like to take with you, to keep you motivated and sane and why?

These luxury items can be of sentimental value or for practical purposes. What are the stories behind each item?

What is in it for the guests? A chance to show their vulnerability and human sides. The show promises value for the listener through good storytelling.

Anything else do I need to prepare for? In addition to the five luxury items, the guests will be asked to share:

  1. Which TV series would you like to binge-watch over and over again in the bunker and why?
  2. Which Movie or Movie Boxset would you like to watch over and over again in the bunker and why?
  3. Which albums, audiobooks or podcasts would you like to listen to and why?
  4. Which three celebrities, living or dead would make your ideal bunker buddies?
  5. If you have to leave in a hurry, what item would you grab and why?

We will also ask our guests where in the world is this bunker is located? Is it above ground, remote or underground?

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