The Calm Within The Storm

By Sam Lyon
Welcome to the Calm Within the Storm podcast, all about the journey of finding contentment in the chaos that is mental health.
With each episode we will have a different guest speaker talking about a topic that is relatable to all of us, from parenthood to overworking, seeking professional help, whether that's therapy counselling or further support achieving a perfect work life balance and if that's even possible.
The Calm Within the Storm encompasses navigating life whilst coping with mental health.
Some problems are difficult to overcome and difficult to talk about and sometimes it's okay to feel low, but we're here to talk about it and we're here to listen to what you have to say.
We will look at various barriers and difficulties that we all face on a daily basis with our mental health and what impact that has on us both mentally and physically, identifying the root causes and triggers of these difficulties and also discuss options of how we can overcome or deal with these difficulties.
Whilst mental health is still very much a taboo subject for a lot of people and isn't always an easy thing to talk about, we are going to break down that barrier and talk openly and honestly about the difficulties that all of us face.
Sometimes there's peace to be found in the chaos and that is the Calm within the Storm.

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