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Laura Tobin: Embracing Sustainability & Everyday Ways To Save Our Planet & Pounds.

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Episode notes

In this weeks episode Natalie is joined by meteorologist and Breakfast TV weather presenter Laura Tobin to discuss the impacts of climate change and how we can make small changes within our homes and family lives that will have a big influence on the rate at which it’s happening. From her brilliant book ‘Everyday Ways To Save Our Planet’ Laura talks us through the personal changes she has made to reduce waste and emissions in her own home and let’s us know how you can do it too! Many of her ideas are not only good for the planet but brilliant for your household budgets. During the episode Laura also talks candidly about dealing with the realities of having her daughter prematurely and how her love of science helped her stay resilient during an unpredictable time. Listen in for an insightful discussion about our changing planet and be inspired by Laura’s broad mindedness towards new challenges and experiences.