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Laila Rouass: The Power of Self Compassion, Meeting The Dalai Lama & The Journey Of Love & Grief

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Episode notes

In this weeks episode Natalie is joined by actress & wellbeing advocate Laila Rouass to talk self compassion, the road to understanding manifestation and the complexities of love and grief. Laila opens up about her life from living and working in India where she was first introduced to the power of manifestation in a Tibetan monastery to playing the iconic Amber Gates in Footballer’s Wives and how her obsession with crime thrillers, sparked by a tragedy early on in her teens, has helped her with her latest role Azra McKinven in Alibi’s Traces. Laila explains why she set up her own wellness brand, Whole and Then Some, and how manifestation has shaped her journey becoming an every day ritual that has helped her create true happiness and overcome adversity.