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Rebuilding Life Through Running, Willpower, and Recovery with Ed Rios

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Episode notes

This week on the podcast we talk to Ed Rios, a testament to the transformative power of willpower, running, and resilience. Ed shares a poignant journey of overcoming loss, battling through a tragic accident, and defying a bleak prognosis. Learn how running emerged as Ed’s refuge after a life-altering accident.

Ed's refusal to accept a bleak prognosis after a serious accident becomes the cornerstone of his extraordinary recovery. Stretching, rehabilitation, and the unexpected embrace of Pilates emerge as crucial elements in his triumphant return to running. We explore the therapeutic nature of running, its calming impact on the mind, and how a commitment to a healthy lifestyle became Ed's shield against a blood cancer diagnosis. The episode culminates in a reflection on morning routines as powerful anchors for a day of achievements and wellbeing. Ed Rios's story resonates as a powerful testament to the power of willpower, turning adversity into an opportunity for a happier, healthier, and more resilient life.

In this podcast, we discuss:

01:58: Discovering the Healing Power of Running

12:51: Ed’s accident

25:26: Defying the Odds: From Prognosis to Marathon

30:54: Stretching and Rehabilitation

37:08: The Power of Willpower

42:49: The Relaxing Nature of Running

43:28: Confronting a Blood Cancer Diagnosis

44:38: How a Healthy Lifestyle Can Boost Your Immune System and Suppress Illness

48:55: The Importance of Morning Routines

Ed’s story is a testament to the extraordinary healing power of running and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. Join us in this inspiring episode and discover the profound impact of willpower and resilience in overcoming life’s challenges. Remember, your own health journey is a marathon and not a sprint!

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