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Celebrating Solitude: How to Develop a Sacred Space to Honor Your True Self with Rachel Astarte

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It's not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, And to make your happiness a priority...In fact - it's a necessity. The world "out there" can often become a crazy, busy, and stressful place - If we let it. Have you ever encountered someone who is incredibly giving but clearly emotionally fried? Often this person wears the mask of perpetual exasperation over how—Happily! Happily!—busy they are giving...and doing...and being. The last tiny pieces of their being shared with everyone. Everyone that is - but themselves. On today's episode, our guest author, transpersonal psychotherapist and transformational coach, Rachel Astarte will share a practical guide exploring how developing a regular solitude practice engages you ability to become more authentically aligned. Freeing you to be in the present moment with yourself, while flowing effortlessly in alignment within the essence of your being in all that you do. Rachel shares how creating a sacred space for your self and placing importance on self -care frees us from the patterns and ways of being which often lead us towards overwork, mental and physical fatigue, stress and ultimately - burnout. Being more aware of the internal patterns often preventing us from of seeing our larger tapestry frees us to see the mosaic of who and what we are. Embracing our sacred space, honoring our true self and practicing self-love can often feel challenging- Taking the time to nurture our well-being and our happiness. While getting in touch with ourselves, we practice self-love so we can push through our limiting beliefs and live a life that truly shines. Tune in to find out how to develop a sacred space to create more time doing what truly makes your soul happy on The Light Inside. Visit Rachel: Facebook: Podcast: Promotions: JOIN US ON INSTAGRAM: @thelightinsidepodcast SUBSCRIBE: Credits: Music Score by Epidemic Sound Musical Transitions: Socialite by Jontha Links Where The Sunflowers Bloom by Elin Sandberg Executive Producer: Jeffrey Besecker Mixing, Engineering, Production and Mastering: Aloft Media Studio