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E87 - Carl Jung, the Meaning Crisis, the Red Book & the Apocalypse (with MJ Dorian)

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Episode notes

MJDorian is an artist, educator, podcast creator, and award winning composer. In 2018, MJ launched the podcast: Creative Codex, which he continues to write and produce. The show frequently appears in the top 100 charts globally in the genre of Arts. The mission of Creative Codex is to explore the mysteries of creative genius through narrative, sound design, and original music.

Today we discuss who Carl Jung was, an overview of what he contributed to psychology, why he disagreed with Freud, the difference between Freudian & Jungian psychology, the Jungian interpretation of dreams, his apocalyptic visions, the Red Book, and much more. 

Interviewed by Dr. Alex Curmi, consultant psychiatrist. 

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