ABF The Soldiers’ Charity Conversations

1: Bob Semple and Sarah Adams

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Episode notes

Lorraine Kelly introduces a conversation between Bob Semple and Sarah Adams.
Bob Semple is a veteran of the Royal Engineers. After leaving the Army he became a civilian engineer and his work regularly took him to the Middle East. Bob was working in Yemen in 2014, when he was ambushed and captured by Al Qaeda. 
Sarah Adams’ son James was serving with the 2nd Royal Welsh in Afghanistan when a Taliban bomb exploded under his vehicle. He died, aged 21. Since losing James, Sarah and her family have undertaken countless activities on behalf of ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, raising tens of thousands of pounds. In 2014, Sarah received the Soldiering On Families Award.  
If you’d like to know more about ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, visit soldierscharity.org
Interview conducted by Dave Roberts 
Produced by Wisebuddah