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How to Live Your Values (and Not Become a Cyborg!)

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Episode notes

We’re so excited to share talk with Daniel Sih about some of the big problems facing community living and some of the solutions he’s come up with.

Daniel Sih is the co-founder of Spacemakers, a productivity consulting group for busy leaders. After experiencing physical symptoms that were the result of working in the “always on” culture of internet connectivity, Daniel became passionate about helping people make space in their world for the things that really matter - like family, reflection, rest, and recharge.

We’ll talk a bit with Daniel about his book, Space Maker: How To Unplug, Unwind, And Think Clearly In The Digital Age. It contains a whole new way to think about how we spend our time AND some concrete suggestions about how to reclaim some space in our lives through both ambitious and simple changes.

In addition to carving out more personal space for peace of mind, Daniel recognized that he needed to push back at the atomization and isolation in our culture and actively create a sustaining community for himself and his family. Over a decade ago, he bought land and built two adjoining houses with another professional couple in Tasmania, Australia.

We’re really interested in learning about how these two families (and their neighbors) learned to share life and land as an intentional  mini-community. It sounds like the community got a little spontaneous, too, as neighbors joined in. Over the years, Daniel and his extended family learned about the limits of good intentions and the importance of structure to keep a community healthy through all seasons. Their solutions are ones that you might find yourself thinking about, even if your intentional community is just one family sharing a house.

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