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How to Make an Art of Sustainability

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Episode notes

This episode might seem like a bit of a diversion…our guests this time aren’t necessarily living in co-housing but they are both deeply immersed in creating a rich, sustainable community in Santa Barbara, CA.

Jill Cloutier is the Public Relations Director of an environmental education and arts nonprofit called Explore Ecology (EE for short). EE works with over 30,000 children a year with a focus on Watershed Education, School Gardens, Waste Reduction, and Creative Exploration. Their work inspires children to engage with the natural world, think critically, and experience the value of environmental stewardship.

Jill is a podcast producer, video-maker and writer. Her projects focus on plants and permaculture. Permaculture is a really important concept that contributes to biological, agricultural, and household sustainability and we’re really excited for Jill to help us understand that term and how we can practice it at small and medium scales to improve our lives and impacts.

Rachel Palmer is the Art Coordinator for EE and is in charge of the Art from Scrap Creative Re-use Store and Gallery and the associated arts programs.

Rachel is a fiber and print artist, educator, and self-proclaimed podcast fanatic. She is the Story Editor for Copper & Heat, the James Beard Award-winning podcast exploring the unspoken rules and traditions of the kitchen.

I’m all about the upcycle and Charles is all about the permaculture, so I can’t wait to see where this conversation goes and find out what we can learn today.

Welcome, Rachel and Jill! Thank you so much for being here with us today!

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