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How to Do Well by Doing Good - Ethical Property Investing with Dr. Dionne Payn

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Episode notes

This episode we’re excited to talk with someone who is leveraging the inexorable power of capitalism to actually make positive change.

Dr. Dionne Payn is the Founder and CEO of High Impact Property Investments. Dionne specializes in raising capital for organizations that create ethical property developments in Australia and the USA. Dionne is a speaker, author and property coach who loves creating win-win outcomes for as many people as possible. Her goals include:

  • Socially responsible investment
  • Affordable homes for everyone
  • Building resilient communities
  • Ending homelessness

Dionne has a PhD in Natural Products Chemistry, has project managed a number of property developments in Australia and has helped over 30 investors to achieve double digit returns through property. These property projects range from small one into two subdivisions up to larger, sustainable, co-living projects.

In this interview, Dionne talks about how she created abundance for her family while creating win/win/win solutions for investors, housing seekers and the community AND while sticking to a set of lofty values. 

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