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Lisa Leong wants you to forget work-life balance and cultivate work-life cohesion instead

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You’ve tried it all. You’ve joined the 5AM club, done the morning HIIT workouts, tried the pomodoro technique, downloaded Headspace and worked at a standing desk. 

But… you haven’t quite figured it out yet. Lisa Leong, host of the hit ABC radio show, This Working Life, says that’s the point. Every day is “lab day”, and the experimenting should never end. 

Lisa’s job is to examine… well, jobs. She’s on a mission to understand the modern working world and how we can all make our working lives more effective and fulfilling. 

Sometimes this means changing little things, like what time we get to the office or which morning routines give us the most energy. Sometimes it’s the big things, like figuring out how to advance your career, or even knowing when it’s time to change industries. 

Lisa teaches you how to determine your own values and apply them to work, and explains why the term “work-life balance” needs to be replaced with something a bit more meaningful.  

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