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Nancy Duarte, global expert on presentations, on how she prepares for her own presentations.

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Episode notes

Nancy Duarte is the world expert on designing and delivering presentations. Nancy’s firm Duarte, is the largest design firm in Silicon Valley. They help very big and famous companies and people, from Apple through to Al Gore, design and deliver great presentations.
Nancy has also written several books about storytelling and presentations, including the Harvard Business Review guide to creating persuasive presentations.
I’ve been a fan of Nancy’s work for a long time so I was very excited to chat with her. We covered a heap of ground in this interview, including:
  • How Nancy overcomes writer’s block
  • How email changes her body chemistry
  • Why Nancy hasn’t been on facebook for three months
  • Why Nancy always has a major and a minor work on the go at all times
  • How she decides which opportunities to say yes to
  • Nancy’s ultra organised approach to managing her inbox
  • Why Nancy has reduced the amount of emails she sends
  • Her favourite “productivity” app
  • How Nancy prepares for her own presentations
  • Nancy’s pre-presentation ritual
And a whole lot more.
If you want to read more about Nancy, you can find her on Twitter or via her firm Duarte.
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