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Carolyn Creswell's annual self-reflection ritual, her favourite productivity hacks, and why she never eats lunch at her desk.

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Episode notes

My guest today is Carolyn Creswell. As Australian listeners probably know, Carolyn is the founder of Carman’s muesli, which is in pretty much every supermarket in Australia and is exported to 32 countries around the world. Over the last 25 years, Carolyn has built Carman’s into a $100 million dollar business.

But there is so much more to Carolyn that just delicious tasting muesli. She has given so much thought to the way she works and this interview is full of really practical gems. We talk about:

  • Her morning routine
  • Why she doesn’t do coffee meetings - and what she does instead
  • Her trick to making new year’s resolutions stick
  • Her annual self-reflection ritual
  • The role self-discipline plays in her life
  • Why Carolyn doesn’t listen to the news
  • Carolyn’s happy place
  • How she plans her year in advance
  • Why she books all her hair appointments for the whole year in January
  • How she protects family time
  • Why Carolyn never eats lunch at her desk
  • Her favourite productivity apps
  • Carolyn’s novel way of using to-do list software
  • Why you will never catch Carolyn in a lie
  • Carolyn’s approach to giving feedback

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