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HR: ER is the emergency room for business owners, HR professionals and anyone else who is responsible for managing or employing a team of people.
Hosted by Hroes founder Elissa Thursfield, with 15 years of first-hand lawyer and consulting experience and software service specialist Oliver Robinson they provide you with a generous dose of insights and practical advice.
From hiring nightmares to compliance chaos, the unexpected to the downright disastrous "HR: ER" pulls back the curtain on events that have unfolded in workplaces around the world, the challenges HR professionals face daily the juicy details of HR missteps, legal blunders, and workplace fiascos.
Sharing real stories that will make you gasp, laugh, and maybe even nod your head in sympathetic understanding, and bringing in industry experts, seasoned HR professionals, and legal minds alike.
So whether you're an HR professional looking to enhance your skills, a business leader aiming to create a resilient workplace, or just wanting to hear workplace drama, this podcast is for you.
"HR: ER” is a judgment-free zone where we share stories, offer solutions, and build a community dedicated to improving the world of work.
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