King of the World

Episode 3: Islamophobia

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Episode notes

Shahjehan introduces us to two American Muslims profiled after 9/11 in very different ways: one’s arrival in his “dream country” nearly costs him his life as the other’s family trip becomes an interrogation. Everyone seems to be on high Muslim alert, and the American Muslim community comes out in droves to publicly denounce any and all terrorist or suspected terrorist activity by anyone Muslim or seemingly Muslim, anywhere. Islamophobia is formally defined. The passing of the PATRIOT Act allows for state-sponsored bad actors and we hear disturbing stats about those targeted, despite the riskier stats on right-wing extremists. Shahjehan tries college on yet again—still high—and goes on the defensive. Listeners get a little history lesson [spoiler: Black American Muslims helped build this country]. Saj and Noorj discuss names, specifically the whitewashing of badass immigrant names and the implications that can have.

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