Beautiful Misfits

"When trauma happens, we take a lesson from it" with Tarun Gidoomal

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Episode notes

On this week's Beautiful Misfits, I'm joined by the general manager UK at Ankorstore, our current sponsors.

Tarun and I share a belief in the vitality of the relationships at the heart of retail - shops are about emotion, not just buying and selling. I learned about the value of local shops after my mother died. As a teenager, feeling completely lost without her, I’d get off the school bus each day wondering what I was going to cook my dad and brother that night. But it was the local butcher and grocer who helped me work it out, saved me bits, offered me kindness. They were a light in a very dark time. Tarun, like me, has experienced loss in his life and has come to understand that what tests us most can also help us grow.

Join us on today’s episode of Beautiful Misfits as we chat loss, moving past the behaviours that protected us in pain but no longer serve us, and the power of shops to create beautiful business for beautiful living. 

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