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Sophie Djordjevic's Lessons of French Luxury

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French luxury business maker and magnet, Sophie Djordjevic is remarked with inevitability. From working with international luxury houses and being at the zenith of e-business, Sophie has planted pillars of inspiration and indelible blueprint of development globally within the American French luxury conglomerate, COTY group. Sophie started early in France, holding her love for luxury and finding her direction within. Soon after her masters in the French Grande École SKEMA Business School, Sophie subsequently scored success with her roles in the pioneer french luxury houses, L'Oreal, Dior, Coty to Guerlain. Today, Sophie is also a board member of SKEMA Global Luxury and Management Masters, one of luxury's most covetable chairs empowering the future generation of leaders.

With Tech Powered Luxury, Sophie Djordjevic joins Ashley in a tête-à-tête conversation of french savoir-faire, reading between the lines of luxury and fundamentally discusses on how to break into France's Grandes École system to secure one's primary step to the doorway of luxury.

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