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Reclaiming Indian Roots in The Changing Face of Luxury: Shloka Narang

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Episode notes

A pastiche rooted in Indian heritage and modern luxury, Shloka Narang’s The Silk Sneaker stepped up from a blogging business to retracing Indian culture for creating content. Furnished with international education and an avid planner, Shloka’s life detoured to emerge as a creative on Instagram. Born in Mumbai and adept to international environment, Shloka set her foot in London to study filmmaking and screenwriting, realising her love for travel and fashion on the way. Her life spiraled when she began blogging that progress to express her love for style and embracing her love for ‘doing something for herself', rooted in India's celebrated fashion topography.

For today’s episode, Ashley delves deep into the Indian landscape of fashion to explore why Indian craftsmanship is a preserved art and how fashion embedded with critical thinking is a vantage point for owning yourself and being a creative savant.

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