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Allegory of Fashion, Nature and Ireland: Aoife McNamara

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Episode notes

Aoife's Life is an open letter to the world, from the Irish countryside. Mapping fashion to new proportions, bequeathed with a sustainable future, Aoife McNamara imagined a classic combination of fashion, designed from nature. Since its launch in 2020, Aoife chose the planet behind business to create a deferential territory for Irish fashion at her thatched cottage in Adare, her invariable muse. After completing her studies in Paris and New York, Aoife embraced her roots by launching her label online and instantly gained a loyal community before her physical store. Alongside being the ambassador of Clean Coast, Aoife renders her immaculate and responsible articulation of style encrusted with nature, in her cottage flagship store in Adare Main Street, Co. Limerick to give the visitors a kaleidoscopic taste of local Irish culture: art, ideas and stories.

Recounting her journey and the meaningful drive with her ‘soil to soil process’, Aoife McNamara and Ashley draw the world to Ireland’s compelling concepts, brought to life from the shores.

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