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Jessica Chapplow: Mastering The Art of AR, Advertising and Technology

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Plugging in the business in luxury, Jessica has dominated the marketing and the advertising ground for years. After starting her career in journalism in Nottingham Trent University, Jessica listened to the voice inside her head to pursue brand management in fashion. Thereafter, Jessica’s career line followed an uncanny sparkling sequence of events, from working at Christian Dior to joining a digital agency and never looking back. Between the lines of marketing, technology, engineering and digital advertising, Jessica cemented her passion for the lesser known, in the world of augmented reality. Maneuvering through revolutionary technology, Jessica propelled a force in fashion, luxury and beauty through immaculate use of AI and blockchain. Formerly at Tiffany & Co and LVMH, Jessica today spearheads e-commerce at Partner's Reprise Digital. Besides, Jessica cascades her machine learning to the community as a volunteer first responder of the British Red Cross.

With Ashley, Jessica explores the parallel dichotomies of luxury inflicted technology and the impact of AI between the grounds of immersive technologies and translating the manifold layers of tech to the rest of the world.

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