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Workout Considerations As You Get Older, Busier, Etc. | MTFP Ep.140

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Episode notes

No matter your age, the basics should be the foundation of your workout program. But as you get older and busier, there are external variables that you need to consider more and more. Working out when you're 20 will be different than 30, 30 will be different than 40, and so forth. In this solo episode, I cover strategies that are helpful at any age, but especially as "life" starts to happen to you more as time goes on.

I mention my best tips for...

-stress management (workout recovery, dieting, sleep deprivation, anxiety, etc.)

-warming up properly to avoid aching joints later in life

-increasing your daily calorie burn through NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

-scheduling your workouts to fit your lifestyle

-the best exercises and cardio regimen for general health, fat loss, & longevity

-and much more!

Hope it helps!

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